Pugh, Peugh Family

The name Pugh is Welsh. The Welsh did not use last names until fairly recently. In Wales one was identified by his father's name, such as James ap Hugh. The ap signifying son of in the Welsh language. When surnames were adopted these tended to be shorted into last names. Ap Howell becoming Powell, ap Rhys becoming Price, and ap Hugh becoming Pugh for example. I have found the name spelled various ways sometimes in the same document. The most common are Pugh, Peugh, and Pew. A number of Quaker Pughs came to PA at the invitation of William Penn and settled at what was called the Welsh Tract in what was then Chester Co. Many of the towns in that area carry Welsh place names. The connections if any between these Pugh is unknown at the present time. Quaker Pughs whose place of origin include: Ellis Pugh of Brithdu near Dolgelley, Co. Merioneth.; Evan, Robert and William Pugh of Bala, Co. Merioneth; and William Pugh of near Dolgelley, Co. Merioneth. Some of these appear as Hugh and ap Hugh in addition to Pugh in early records

Generation A, ? Pugh.

? Pugh lived in Wales. His children:

    David Pugh married 1st in Wales ?, 2nd 1698 at Radnor Monthly Meeting Catherine Price (sister of James' wife), died about 1738 when his will was proved on Oct. 14, 1738. Received a deed for 174 acres of land in Radnor township on 8, 25, 1703 (Quaker dates). He lived in Radnor Township where he was Constable in 1701, and settled on French Creek at a place called Pughtown. His children:

      Jonathan Pugh married Hannah Miles.

      John Pugh married Abigail Morgan.

      Thomas Pugh

      Hannah Pugh married James Miles.

      Samuel Pugh

      Joseph Pugh married Rebecca Moore.

      David Pugh

      Mary Pugh

    * James Pugh our ancestor. See generation 1.

Generation 1, James Pugh.

James Pugh born Wales, married 1698 at Radnor Monthly Meeting, PA Joan Price (daughter of David Price and Joan Awbrey. See Price family.), died 1724 at Uchlan, Chester Co., PA. Joan was born in Wales. James came to PA from Wales in 1682 and was indentured to John Bevin for his passage money. Received a tract in Merion Township which he exchanged for a larger one in Radnor Township. On 8, 25, 1703 (Quaker dates) he received a deed for 162 acres in Radnor Township (same date as his brother). Moved to Uwchlan in 1714. Lived for a time at "The Plow" in what is now Robeson Township, Berks Co., PA, but died at his home on French Creek. His children:

    Hugh Pugh born PA, married 1733 in PA Mary Jones, died 1748-49 West Chester, PA. His children:

      Enos Pugh

      Dianh Pugh married 1755 Simon Meredith

      Hugh Pugh school master in Radnor.

      Rebecca Pugh married David Hilles. Moved to Redstone.

    John Pugh born PA, married at Goshen Meeting 1730 Mary Jenkins. Moved to Coventry. His children:

      John Pugh married 1763 Hannah Meredith.

      Jonathan Pugh married 1st 1759 Naomi Evans, 2nd Mrs. Sarah Bateman.

      Mary Pugh married 1763 Elihu Evans.

      Anna Pugh married 1st John Roberts, 2nd John Lewis.

    James Pugh Jr. born PA, married 1724 PA Jemima (not a Quaker), died 1769. His children:

      David Pugh

      Mary Pugh married Thomas Dalrymple.

      Margaret Pugh married James McCray.

      Jemima Pugh married Patrick McCarty.

      Anna Pugh married David Jenkins.

      Kezia Pugh

    * Thomas Pugh our ancestor. See generation 2.

    Joan Pugh born PA, married 1723 William Williams.

    Sibilla Pugh born PA, married 1731 John Edwards.

Generation 2, Thomas Pugh

Thomas Pugh born 1703 in PA, married out of meeting 1729 in PA Elizabeth Pugh (married out because they were cousins?). .Elizabeth was born 1709. Paid tax at Uantweal and Uwchlan in PA from 1730 to 1747. Moved to NC where he was received by certificate at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting on Sept. 3, 1756. He lived west of Hillsborough. Most if not all of Thomas' family were involved in the Regular Rebellion in NC. See "Regulator Rebellion" article for details. His family:

    * Jesse Pugh our ancestor. See generation 3.

    Enoch Pugh received at Cane Creek Feb. 2, 1760, married by Feb. 1, 1766 in a non Quaker ceremony.

    Mary Pugh received at Cane Creek April 3, 1762, married June 16, 1762 at Cane Creek monthly meeting in Orange Co., NC Herman Husband. Herman Husband was a leader of the "Regulator" movement in NC in 1771. He moved to PA where he became a leader of the Whiskey Rebellion after the Revolution and died 1795.

    John Pugh

    James Pugh died June 19, 1771 Guilford Co., NC. Took part in the Battle of Alamance May 16, 1771 in the Regular Rebellion, for which he was executed.

    Thomas Pugh Jr. (possible grandchildren).

    Hannah Pugh (possible grandchildren).

Generation 3, Jesse Pugh.

Jesse Pugh born about 1732, received at Cane Creek on Feb. 2, 1760, married about 1759 Elizabeth Stewart (see Stewart family, generation 2), died before 1807 in Edge's District, Wilkes Co., GA when his orphans drew land lot 88, 6th District of Wilkinson Co., GA. Moved from Guilford Co. NC about 1773 to Wilkes Co. ,GA where he received a land grant on Sept. 30, 1773. This was recorded in the Public Record Office in London in folio 822 as allotment to Jesse Pugh of Guilford Co., NC, wife, 5 sons, 1 daughter from 16 to 2 years old, 100 acres on North Side of Little River below Macklemurray's old place. This is now part of Taliaferro Co. Probably returned to NC during the war because of the unsettled conditions and was involved in the Revolutionary War. On Oct. 4 , 1788 he was condemned for misconduct at the Cane Creek, NC monthly meeting, for which he was disowned (Taking part in the war?). At the same time he presented a recommendation from the Wrightsborough GA monthly meeting. He must have "gotten right" for on Nov. 1, 1788 he was granted a certificate to Wrightsbourgh from Cane Creek which he presented to Wrightsborough on Dec. 5, 1789. His children:

    Annie Pugh married A. Gilburger. Descendants in TN.

    Elijah Pugh born 1760 in Orange or Guilford Co., NC, married 1784 Ruth DeStJulien, died June 23, 1824 in Clarke Co., Al and buried in Pugh Family Cemetery 4 miles from Grove Hill AL. Private in the GA militia under Col. Elijah Clarke in the Revolutionary War. In Nov. 1811 he was in Bigby Territory in Washington Co., GA and a Justice of the Peace in Jackson Co. GA in 1807 . Moved about 1812 to Clarke Co., AL where he lived four miles west of Grove Hill. DAR chapter in Clarke Co., AL named in his honor. His children:

      Isaac Pugh born Wilkes Co., GA Mar. 9, 1785, married Dec. 5, 1809 Hannah Baskin, died Sept. 8, 1839. Isaac went to AL before his father and returned to bring him and his family to Clarke Co. He was a gunsmith and took part in the Indian wars in the AL territory against the Creeks. He was made a member of the Choctaw tribe by the mixing of blood. He became a friend of Chief Pushmattaha for whom he made a rifle. His children:

        William Baskin Pugh born Aug. 24, 1810, married Mar. 15, 1836 Margaret Skinner, died May 20, 1888. Lived in Pleasant Grove in Clarke Co., AL. His children:

          Narcissus Pugh born Mar. 3, 1839, married a Busby. Lived in Miss.

          Rebecca Jane Pugh born April 20, 1842, married 1st John Bennett, 2nd Jesse Skinner.

          Isaac Alonza Pugh born Nov. 29, 1843. Lived Laurel Miss.

          Amanda Pugh born Sept. 8, 1846, died April 1911, no marriage.

          John Benjamin Pugh born Oct. 1, 1849. Lived Miss.

          Jesse Pugh born Mar. 18, 1852, married Mrs. Alice Halty Finch.

          William Henry Pugh born Mar. 13, 1855, married Ann Hope. Lived Miss.

          Virginia Pugh born Oct. 29, 1860, died Nov. 5, 1932, no marriage.

          James B. Pugh born Mar. 3, ?, died June 28, 1880.

        Elijah Stewart Pugh born in AL Aug. 1, 1812, married Jan. 22, 1840 Amelia Chapman, died Nov. 22, 1871 His children:

          Melissa Pugh born Jan. 7, 1841, married Isaac Grant, died Sept. 8, 1896..

          Martha Pugh born Dec. 9, 1842, married 1st John Megginson,, 2nd Watt Bettis.

          Walter S. Pugh born June 22, 1845,, married 1st Nov. 12, 1868 Virginia Dickinson, 2nd Mrs. Emma Dickerson Durden, died Jan. 20, 1931.

          Hannah Pugh born Aug. 8, 1847, married Frank Woodard.

          Rebecca Pugh born Sept. 11, 1851, married Sim Woodard, died Aug. 6, 1871.

          Jesse Pugh married Molly Pegues. Moved to TX.

          Sidney Pugh married Sallie Harrington.

        John Monroe Pugh born Jan. 16, 1821, married Jan. 25, 1843 Elizabeth Johnston died Sept. 15, 1872. His children:

          Hannah Virginia Pugh born Nov. 16, 1843, married Oct. 10, 1865 Armistead M. Callier, died Feb. 28, 1923.

          Mary R. Pugh married Frank Winn.

          Estelle Pugh died as a young girl.

          Betty Pugh born Sept. 12, 1864, married William Waters Waite, died June 9, 1938.

          Alice Pugh died as a young lady.

          Monroe Pugh married 1st Julia Lindsey, 2nd Docis Hixon.

        Rebecca Pugh born Sept. 18, 1823, married John Dunbar, died July 22, 1846.

        Stephen Pugh born Aug. 16, 1826, married Nov. 15, 1854 Jane Gilmore, died Jan. 25, 1902. His children:

          Laura Pugh married John Gaston.

          Love Pugh married Kitty Dacey.

          Ceph Pugh married Mary Chapman.

          Warren Pugh married 1st Mary Granade, 2nd Jennie McGlathery.

          Braxton Pugh married Minnie Brown.

          Condie Pugh married Mae Sims.

          Woodie Pugh married Kate Clarke.

        Jesse Pickins Pugh born April 17, 1829, married Jan. 8, 1858 Melissa Bettis, died Mar. 12,1929. Served as Lt. in Capt. J.Y. Kilpatrick's Co. Gen. Wirts Adama Cavalry. His children:

          Horace Pugh born Nov. 18, 1858, Jan. 21. 1886, married Mary Cunningham, died July 10, 1935.

          Mary Frances Pugh born Dec. 23, 1859, married Dec. 10, 1879 Emmett Carleton died Nov. 7, 1895.

          Fredonia Pugh born April 3, 1861, married April 14, 1880 George C. Cammack, died Feb. 26, 1948.

          Cora Pugh born Dec. 17, 1864, died Feb. 1957 no marriage.

          Alfred Bettis Pugh born July 8, 1866, died Aug. 20, 1891, no marriage.

          Isaac Pugh born Jan. 10, 1868, no marriage.

          John Talbert Pugh born Oct. 16, 1869, married Sept. 3, 1902 Carrie Cornelia Gordon, died Dec. 29, 1948.

          Elijah Stewart Pugh born June 28, 1872, married Willie Crum, died June 21, 1955.

          Jesse Pickins Pugh born Jan. 28, 1874, married Mae Cunningham died Aug.20, 1953..

          Thomas Mathew Pugh born Nov. 26, 1877, Feb. 7, 1900 Myrtie Armistead.

      Rezin Pugh born June 2, 1787, married July 3, 1806 in Jackson, Co., GA Elizabeth Jackson, Died July 1866. his children:

        Isaac Pugh born Sept. 1807 in GA, died Nov. 17, 1836 in AL.

        Alvin H. Pugh married Feb. 20, 1845 Mary Bell.

        Zilla B. Pugh married a Brannon.

        Alexander Pugh married Nancy Skinner. His children:

          Amelia Pugh married Allen Roberts. Lived in Jackson Co., Miss.

          William Pugh

          Jane Pugh

          Mary Pugh

          Axie Pugh

          Warren Pugh married Sept. 19, 1874 Jane Woodard.

          Franklin Pugh married Nov. 3, 1874 Tillie Woodard.

          Eliza Pugh

        Ruth Pugh married a Brittenham. Her children:

          Sarah Ann Brittenham married Marion Moore.

          Mary A. Brittenham married a McFurgerson.

        William J. Pugh married Sept. 11, 1845 Martha A. Bradley. Lived Union Parish LA. His children:

          David Pugh

        Elijah Pugh married Mar. 20, 1846 Sarah N. White. Lived Tallahatta Springs AL. His children:

          Jimmie Pugh

          John Pugh

          Jerry Pugh

          Lee Pugh

          Sidney W. Pugh born Jan, 30, 1853, married Nov. 5, 1874 Mary E. Clanton, died Oct. 4, 1939..

          Julia Ann Pugh married 2nd George Reid.

          Margaret Pugh born 1862, married William Nathaniel Rivers, died 1898.

        Alice Pugh married a White. Her children:

          John Henry White

          Rezin Pugh White

          Emma Jane White

        Mary Pugh

        Stephen Pugh married 1st July 19, 1849 Sarah Bennett, 2nd Feb. 4, 1864 M.A. Cathay . His children:

          Elizabeth Pugh

          Edgar Pugh

          Amanda Jordan Pugh

          Martha Susan Pugh

          Jesse Pugh

        Rezin Pugh Jr. married Mar. 18, 1869 Martha Harrison.

        Elizabeth Pugh married Lawrence M. Upchurch. Moved to Miss.

      Miriam Pugh born GA Mar. 7, 1790, married July 17, 1807 in Jackson Co., GA Isaac Jackson, died Aug. 19, 1836. Her children:

        Jesse Jackson

        Ruth Jackson married John W. Overstreet.

        Flavilla Jackson married David Hall.

        Stephen Jackson

        Rebecca Jackson

        Miriam Jackson

      Jesse Pugh born GA Feb. 12, 1795, married Jan. 17, 1815, Elizabeth Robinson, died Feb. 24, 1865 near Grand Cane, DeSoto Parish, LA. His children:

        Aaron Pugh married Oct. 25, 1852 Martha Berry.

        John B. Pugh married 1st Nov. 8, 1847 Caroline Wallace, 2nd Jan. 4, 1859 Mary DeWitt.

        William Franklin Pugh born Feb. 12, 1828, married Feb. 7, 1853 Mary Francis Tidwell, died Aug. 13, 1882 Grand Cane, DeSoto Parish, LA. His children:

          William Franklin Pugh Jr. born July 27, 1856, married 3rd Dec. 18, 1889 Lula Case, died Nov. 1, 1931 Logansport, LA.

        Julian Pugh married June 27, 1857 Sarah O. Lee.

        Isaac Pugh married Dec. 9, 1852 Eliza Jane Barfield.

        Arias Pugh married 1st June 13, 1855 Ann Temper Motes, 2nd Jan. 1, 1857 Narcissa Duke, 3rd June 13, 1870 Mrs. Sarah Ferris.

        Alvirah Pugh married 1st may 19, 1853 James R. Shaver, 2nd a North.

        Stephen Pugh married Sept. 15, 1869 Nancy E. Tull.

        Hannah Pugh born April 20, 1837, married April 20, 1857 Jesse Benton Moore, died May 24, 1904. Her children:

          Stephen Benton Moore born April 18, 1858, died May 9, 1886.

          Samuel Foster Smith Moore born July 2, 1861, died June 29, 1937.

          Clarinda Moore born Mar. 23, 1863, died Sept. 29, 1866.

          Charle Ashlin Moore born Jan. 11, 1866, died may 10, 1925.

          Nina Elizabeth Moore born Jan. 1, 1868, married Aug. 26, 1891 Dwight Clark Root.

          Jesse Stribling Moore born Oct. 25, 18780, died may 18, 1904.

          Willie Paxton Moore born June 4, 1876, died June 4, 1876.

          Prudie Elvira Moore born June 17, 1878.

      Achsah Pugh born Nov. 21, 1797, married 1st May 10, 1814 Amos Robinson, 2nd Jan. 19, 1828 Giles Chapman, died Nov. 26, 1871. Her children by 1st marriage:

        Alvirah Robinson born Mar. 7, 1815, married Aug. 29, 1815 John Chapman , died Oct. 16, 1899. Her children:

          Amos Chapman died in Civil War.

          Elizabeth Chapman married David Dawson.

          Matilda Chapman married William Henry Franklin Waite.

          Achsah Chapman married George W. Ford.

          Sophia Chapman married J.D. DeWitt.

          Celia Chapman married William W. Calhoun.

          Elijah Chapman married Carrie Stewart.

          David A. Chapman married Lillie Woodard.

          Cornelia Chapman married Neal M. Calhoun.

          Delia Chapman died while in college.

          Amelia Chapman married John Stewart Calhoun.

        Matilda Robinson born July 15, 1817, married Nov. 29, 1938 Daniel McLeod, died May 19, 1900. Her children:

          Achsah McLeod born July 17, 1843, married May 9, 1867 Joe McVay, died Dec. 31, 1827.

          Rebecca McLeod married William Henry Franklin Waite.

          Arsenia McLeod born Sept. 13, 1839, married John A. Calhoun Sr., died DEC 31, 1914.

          Alvirah McLeod born Nov. 7, 1852, married Lawrence Porter, died Dec. 16, 1874.

          Christian McLeod born Nov. 22, 1850, married Jim Mathews, died Jan. 1, 1926.

          Sallie McLeod married Bill Woods. Moved to TX.

          Amos McLeod born May 4, 1845, married Aug. 15, 1867 Mary Jane McVay, died Feb. 17, 1908.

          Stephen Wesley McLeod born Dec. 1,1848, married Mar. 21, 1866 Elizabeth Singleton, died Oct. 8, 1928.

          Morris McLeod born Aug. 23, 1854, married dec. 5, 1883 Carrie Hixon, died Aug. 19, 1930.

        Westley Robinson born June 5, 1820, married Nov. 14, 1844 Flora McLeod, died Feb. 10, 1877. His children:

          Florence E. Robinson born Sept. 5, 1845, married John Mathews.

          Viola Vestine Robinson born Mar. 30, 1847, married Ira J. McLeod.

          Axie Louvenia Robinson born July 14, 1849, no marriage.

          Helen Agnes Robinson born May 20, 1851, no marriage.

          Marion Fredonia Robinson born April 16, 1853, married Wright Calhoun.

          Lemuel King Robinson born Mar. 14, 1855, married Susan Caraway.

          Giles Ernest Robinson born May 16, 1857, married Alice Williams.

          Amos Neal Robinson born Oct. 1, 1859, married Philmemia Walker.

          Daniel Westley Robinson born Oct. 7, 1861, married Jennie Mclean.

          John Jesse Robinson born Oct. 3, 1863, died as infant.

          Eugenia Myrah Robinson born Oct. 1, 1866, married marshal Cravey, died May 31, 1932.

        Sarah Robinson born Jan. 26, 1823, married Nov. 29, 1838 Whitfield Summers, died Dec. 9, 1890. Her children:

          Ruth Summers married Jim Harrell. Her children;

            Blount Harrell

          Sue Summers married Jim Tompkins. Her child.

            Horace Tompkins

          Rebecca Summers married an Atchison.

          Jennie Summers married a Morgan.

          Jesse Summers married Sue Singleton.

          Alonza Summers married Carrie Browning.

          Caley Summers

      Alviah Pugh born Feb. 7, 1801, married Joseph Hall. Lived Eutaw, AL.

      Stephen Pugh born Jan. 10, 1805, died Sept. 6, 1883, no marriage.

    Robert Pugh born in Orange or Guilford Co., NC, married in GA Alcey Kinman., died Clarke Co., AL. his children:

      Elizabeth Pugh married Dec. 12, 1814 David Smith. Moved to TX.

      Elijah Pugh born Mar. 1, 1800 Wilkes Co., AL, married Dec. 22, 1825 Mary Johnston, died April 16, 1880 Grove Hill, AL. His children:

        Alsie J. Pugh born Oct. 14, 1826, married Mar. 27, 1849 Rial Nobles. Her children:

          Catherine Nobles married John Harrison.

          Uriah Nobles married Alice Agee.

          Alice Nobles married Lee Agee.

        S. Elizabeth Pugh born Mar. 22, 1829, married Feb. 19, 1846 John Bumpers. Her children:

          Mary Ann Bumpers married Henry Webb.

          Alice Bumpers married Turner Pugh (1st cousin).

          Cornelia Bumpers married Robert Robinson.

          Pugh Bumpers married Fannie Pearson.

          Jim Bumpers married 1st Carlene Carter., 2nd Annie Hamilton.

        Olive Ann Pugh born Mar. 30, 1831, married Sept. 10, 1852 Alfred Martin. Her children:

          John Martin married Callie Brasell.

          Mary Martin married a Pickens.

          Nan Martin married a Pickens.

        Meredith R. Pugh born May 19, 1833, married Dec. 10, 1854 Catherine Jane Nobles. His children:

          Obadiah Turner Pugh married Alice Bumpers (1st cousin).

          Chase Pugh married Charlie Carter.

          Catherine Olivia Pugh died young.

          Meredith N. Pugh married Sally Sanders.

          Joseph B. Pugh died as a young man.

          James Abner Pugh died as a young man.

          Merrial R. Pugh

        James C. Pugh born April 20, 1836, married Susan Johnston (1st cousin). His children:

          Clem Pugh married Sallie Agee.

          Percy Pugh died as a child.

          Mary Pugh married Charlie Chambers.

          Steve Pugh moved to TX.

          Elijah Pugh married Sept. 20, 1899 Ella Friddle.

        Martha Cornelia Pugh born July 26, 1842, married Jan. 27, 1858 Stephen P. Chapman, died Dec. 17, 1915. Her children:

          Alice Virginia Chapman born Jan. 20, 1861, married Jan. 22, 1879 William Morris Gordon, died Dec. 17, 1915.

          James Stephen Chapman born Sept. 25, 1864, married Jan. 13, 1886 Ada Ellen Allen, died Aug. 6, 1934.

          Robert Samuel Chapman no marriage.

          Belia Grayson Chapman born Oct. 20, 1868, married Feb. 28, 1900 Minnie May, died April 30, 1953.

        John E. Pugh born April 4, 1844, married July 26, 1865 Mary J. Brunson, died Aug. 24, 1924. His children:

          Willie Pugh married Jeff Brasell.

          Teedie Pugh married Jesse Jordan.

          Leta Pugh married Jim Jordan.

          Olive Pugh married 1st Tom James, 2nd Mit Woodard.

          J. Manning Pugh married Carrie Woodard.

          Alfred Pugh married Alice Hamilton.

          Woodard Pugh married Lela Williamson.

          Cathy Pugh married 1st Charlie Woodard, 2nd Osie Barron.

      James Kinman Pugh killed in a horse race as a young man.

      Nancy Pugh married Oct. 20 1820 Gideon A. Macon, died about 1846. Her children:

        Elizabeth Macon married Newett Cloyde.

        James Kinman Macon moved to TX.

        Robert Pugh Macon moved to TX.

        Martha Macon

        Gideon A. Macon

        Jane Macon

      Olive Pugh married Jesse Johnson or Johnston. Moved to TX.

      Martha Pugh married Oct. 1829 David Parham Jones. Lived in Wilcox Co., Al. her children:

        Henry Jones married Mary Hestle. His children:

          Robert Jones

          David Jones

          Etta Jones married Portis Stabler.

        Parham Jones Jr. no marriage.

        Ann Jones married John Jeffry. Her children:

          Archie Jeffry

          John Jeffry Jr.

          Gray Jeffry

          Rush Jeffry

          Meyer Jeffry

          Martha Jeffry married Joe Kirk.

          Della Jeffry married a Williamson.

          Lucy Jeffry married Vaiden Dozier.

        Rebecca Jones married John A. Campbell.

        Mary Jones married David Parham Hicks. Her children:

          Allen Hicks died young.

          Kitty Hicks died young.

          Belle Hicks died young.

          Cora Hicks married Robert Campbell.

          Mary Hicks no marriage.

          Jeffry Hicks (female) no marriage.

          Henry Hicks died as a child.

          Waller Hicks died as a child.

          Joe Hicks died as a young man.

          Paul Hicks no marriage.

          Oscar Hicks married Margaret Privett.

      Meredith T. Pugh married Nov. 16, 1850 Fannie A. Beckham, died about April 3, 1867. His children:

        Becham Pugh born about 1864, married Lee Bumpers. died 1916. His children:

          Sidney Pugh married Nettie McMullen.

          Glover Pugh married Florence Kale.

          Oneta Pugh married Richard Rotch.

          Addie Pugh married Richard McMullen.

          Lester Pugh no marriage.

          Hughie Pugh married Lomie Hare.

          Leon Pugh no marriage.

          Maggie Pugh married frank Coxwell.

          Meredith Pugh married Virginia Shipp.

          Jesse Pugh married Sarah Cunningham.

        Robert Pugh married Margaret Fleming. His children:

          Fleming Pugh

          Robert Pugh

          Vivian Pugh

          Emmie Pugh

        Willie Pugh married a Dillons.

        Maria Pugh married a Gresnall. Her children:

          (female) Gresnall married Rowens Sangruba.

        Alice Pugh married Percy Howell.

          Tommie Howell

          Harry Howell

          Dennis Howell

          Leslie Howell

          Zeola Howell

        Nora Pugh married Macajah York. Her children:

          Fleet York

          Edward York

          Simmie York

        Emma Pugh married Sam Oswald. Her children:

          Otto Oswald

          Fannie Oswald

    Alexander Pugh moved in Indiana.

    * Jehu Pugh our ancestor. See generation 4.

    William Pugh moved to Ohio.

    John Pugh moved to Ohio.

Generation 4, Jehu Pugh.

Jehu Pugh born about 1760-66 in Orange or Guilford Co., NC, married before 1788 probably in Wilkes Co., GA Elizabeth Kinman (see Kinman family), died about 1837 in Upson Co., GA. Elizabeth Kinman born 1770-80, died before 1850. In 1790 Wilkes Co., GA Tax Digest he (listed as Jahew Pew) is in Capt. John Collier's District (now Dist. 172 of Taliaferro Co.) and owned 500 acres of land in Wilkes and Washington Co. Also in this district are Jesse Pew, Mary, David, Samuel, James and, William Kinman, Amos and Isaac Stewart and John McGinty. Received 287 acres of bounty land in Washington Co. for Rev. War service. Drew a land lot in the 1805 GA land lottery. Moved to Jasper Co., GA (then called Randolph Co.) where he lived on the Ocmulgee River a few miles north of GA Hwy. 16. This land is now covered by Lake Jackson.

He moved to Upson County and raised dairy cattle on land now occupied by Smyrna Church in the northern part of the county west of Hwy.19. He made cheese from the milk which he carried to Macon to sell. According to an undated late 1830's Upson Co. Tax Digest he owned 405 acres in Upson Co., 202 1/2 acres in Lee Co. 767 in Jasper Co. and 152 1/2 acres in Butts Co. (land lot 152, 1st Dist.). Various deeds are found in the records of the above counties showing where his wife and children divided his property among themselves after his death. His children:

    Rachel Pugh born about 1788 in GA, married June 29, 1809 in Jasper (then called Randolph) Co., GA Richard Ivy Loyd (Loyde, Loy), died after 1850. In Coweta Co., GA 1850.

    Sarah (Sallie) Pugh born about 1791 in GA, married Thomas Fallin, died after 1860 in Upson Co., and buried in Smyrna Church Cemetery. Her children:

      Eliza Fallin married July 29, 1830 John Hill Minter, died before 1838. Her children:

        Sarah Ann Minter born about 1832 married William Washington Peugh (cousin). See William under Asa children for her family.

        Eliza Minter born about 1833

        Lydia Minter born about 1833

        Charlie J. Minter born about 1835, married S. K. C. His children:

          Charlie J. Minter born Feb. 15, 1856, married Anna, died Aug. 9, 1935.

        John T. Minter born about 1836

      Katherine (Kittie) S. (or G.) Fallin born Jan. 13, 1818, married Oct. 29, 1835 George Washington Langford Sr., died Oct. 1, 1836. Her child:

        Louisa Katherine (Kitty) Langford born 1836, died 1934.

      Jackson Fallin born about 1815, married 1st Feb. 2, 1836 Elizabeth Minter, 2nd April 22, 1858 Huldy Jones, died after 1880. His children by 1st marriage:

        Asa C. Fallin born about 1843, died Nov. 8, 1862 Morristown TN of typhoid fever. Served in Co. E, 3rd GA Batt., Holloway Grays, and Co. C, 37th GA Regt.

        William C. Fallin born about 1845, married Aug. 20, 1865 Rhoda A.C. Taylor. His children:

          Leonard Chieverson Fallin born Dec. 26, 1868, married Feb. 10, 1892 Mary Lella Thornburg.

          George Washington Fallin born Aug. 14, 1869, married April 16, 1900 Mary Elizabeth Comer.

        John C. Fallin born about 1847, married Jan. 16, 1868 Ann Lowery.

        Richard J. Fallin born about 1850, married Dec. 26, 1867 Mary Louise Thompson. His children:

          Narcissa Elizabeth Fallin born May 28, 1869, married Dec. 10, 1885 William Mitchell Day, died May 13, 1944.

          Emma Fallin born about 1871.

          Sarah J. Fallin born about 1873, married April 8, 1894 Charles M. Barron, died 1952.

          Nettie Fallin born about 1875, married Dec. 9, 1903 John Penn.

          Edward Tilton Fallin born about 1877, married Jan. 1, 1905 Essie Moore, died Sept. 26, 1949.

          Joseph R. Fallin born Jan. 3, 1884, married Jan. 1, 1905 Essie Moore, died Sept. 26, 1949.

          Mitchell D. Fallin married 1st Dec. 20, 1908 Littie Bishop, 2nd ?

          Pearlie Bell Fallin married Dec. 25, 1916 James W.H. Alford.

        Sarah L. Fallin born about 1853, married Sept 3, 1876 Henry Gordy.

        Simeon Fallin born about 1855.

        A. Rebecca Fallin born about 1858, married May 20, 1877 William T. Bishop.

      By 2nd marriage:

        Caroline E. Fallin born about 1860, married Nov. 17, 1878 James Brooks.

        Sarah Fallin born about 1860, married Aug. 8, 1880 Mathew Helms. Her children:

          Miles Jackson Helms born 1881, married June 4, 1962 Mattie Elizabeth Brown, died June 4, 1962.

          Lula Grace Helms born Aug. 16, 1882, married Aug. 10, 1904 Arthur N. Self, died Mar. 5, 1943.

          James Lemuel Helms born Oct. 15, 1885, married April 21, 1912 Josie Hoyle, died 1945.

          Essie Helms born Mar. 22, 1888, married Dec. 13, 1911 William M. Pitts, died Aug. 15, 1976.

        Thomas M. Fallin born about 1865, married Dec. 15, 1881 Julia Brown.

      Edward Fallin born 1820-22, married April 13, 1858 Margaret A. Norris. His children:

        F. Fallin born about 1845 (female)

        S. Fallin born about 1848 (female)

        I. C. W. Fallin born about 1850 (male)

        P. Fallin born about 1854 (male)

      Ace P. (Asa Pugh?) Fallin born about 1823. His children:

        Ace P. Fallin born about 1867.

        Thomas J. Fallin born about 1871.

        Rosa A. Fallin born about 1872.

        William E. Fallin born about 1874.

      William Cape Fallin born Oct. 1825, married Mar. 5, 1848 Mary A. Norris. Served in Co. I, 32nd GA Regt. Living in Upson Co. in 1900. His children:

        Sarah A. Fallin born about 1848.

        Eliza Catherine Fallin born 1849, married Jan. 21, 1868 James Jefferson Mabry.

        Mary Caroline Fallin born about 1851, married Jan. 21, 1868 William W. Morris.

        S. T. Fallin born about 1853 (female)

        Martha A. Fallin born about 1855, married Jan. 4, 1875 Thomas W. Morris.

        Charles A. Fallin born about 1856, married Nov. 18, 1875 Elizabeth Alford. His children:

          Mary J. Fallin born about 1879.

        William J. Fallin born 1859.

        William Heron Fallin born may 20, 1864, married Aug. 2, 1883 Anna Gilbert, died June 7, 1954. His children:

          Mattie Lou Fallin born Nov. 2, 1885, married dec. 1, 1901 Robert White, died Dec. 27, 1971.

          James Crawford Fallin born Jan. 4, 1887, married July 4, 1906 Annie Salter, died Dec. 18, 1968.

          Beatrice Fallin born Sept. 10, 1880, married Nov. 4, 1904 John William Torbert, died Sept. 17, 1979.

          Carry Ada Fallin born July 21, 1891, married July 3, 1909 Oscar Page, died July 27, 1945.

          Benjamin William Fallin born Oct. 12, 1893, married Nov. 2, 1913 Maudie Cumbie, died April 18,,1962.

          Daniel Capers Fallin born June 12, 1896, died Feb. 9, 1899.

          Ophelia Fallin born April 11, 1898, died Sept. 10, 1899.

          Anna May Fallin born May 12, 1901, married Dec. 24, 1916 Edgar Story, died Sept. 24, 1969.

          George Andrew Fallin born Sept. 28, 1902, married Mar. 8, 1930 Averria Ken, died Dec. 12, 1951.

        Gwen E. Fallin born 1866.

        John H. Fallin born 1868, married Dec. 11, 1888 Hassie Parks.

        Robert J. Fallin born 1869, married Dec. 7, 1890 Hattie Griggers.

        Westley C. Fallin born 1873, married Nov. 25, 1895 Evie Griggers.

    Rebecca E. Moss Pugh born Sept. 16, 1798 in GA, married July 3, 1817 in Jasper Co., GA Hugh Blair Stuart (Stewart. Sturd), died Oct. 15, 1866 in Pike Co., AL and buried in Jones Cemetery near Troy AL. Hugh Stuart was a school teacher. Moved to Pike Co. AL before 1850. Her children:

      Malinda H. Stuart married Oct. 14, 1838 George Washington Langford (second wife), died 1906. Her children:

        Talitha Frances (Fanny) Langford born 1839, died 1862.

        Susanna Armintha (Mitt) Langford born Oct. 2, 1842, married Jan. 15, 1871 Mountain Hill Kendrick, died Oct. 13, 1926. Her children:

          Richard Reid Kendrick no marriage.

          James Lyons Kendrick born Mar. 28, 1875, married Lilla Wilson, died June 6, 1964.

          Frances Louis Kendrick born 1878, lived to about 103, no marriage.

          Minnie Pink Kendrick no marriage.

          Mary Bufford Kendrick no marriage.

        Lucinda Louise (Lou) Langford born 1843, died 1870.

        Sarah Ann Rebecca Moss Langford born 1846

        Mary Ann M. (Pink) Langford born 1849, died 1880.

        George Washington Langford Jr. born 1852, married 1st 1873 Millie Jones, 2nd 1895 Ella Stafford Bush, died 1940. His children:

          Ola Langford born 1874, died 1966.

          Otis Langford born 1877, died 1948.

          Emmett Langford born 1879, died 1949.

          Alvin Langford born April 14, 1884, married Mar. 20, 1907 Annie Laura Williams, died April 4, 1975.

          Nelle Langford born 1888, died 1978.

          Henry Grady Langford born Sept. 6, 1890, married 1913 Janie Sappington, died Dec. 26, 1985.

        Hugh Blair Moseley Langford born May 12, 1856, married Sarah Frances Addieran Wadsworth, died April 18, 1923. Moved to Pike Co., AL, then Covington Co., AL. His children:

          Charles Floyd Langford born Oct. 16, 1874, married June 26, 1898 Fannie Ada Foster, died Jan. 8, 1952.

          Rufus Jackson Langford born Jan. 5, 1877, married Dec. 20, 1903 Emmie Vernon Parish, died Feb. 8, 1960.

          Maude Patrick Langford born Oct. 6, 1878, married July 31, 1901 Chesterfield Robinson, died Mar. 24, 1973.

          Effie Deliah Langford born Feb. 4, 1881, married Perry Algier Reardon, died Jan. 8, 1920.

          Malinda Ellen Langford born dec. 31, 1882, married Dec. 26, 1901 James Monroe Dillard, died May 30, 1949.

          Hugh Langford born Mar. 8, 1885, married Nov. 2, 1913 Eula Mae Moore, died Feb. 10, 1966.

          Horace Langford born April 11, 1887, died Oct. 3, 1887.

          Walter Bernard Langford born Oct. 7, 1888, married Feb. 12, 1912 Mary Ether Jordan, died June 8, 1980.

          Sallie Alma Langford born Feb. 14, 1891, married May 7, 1911 Edward Welborn Ellis, died Dec. 1948.

          Millie Langford born April 16, 1893, died April 19, 1893.

          Eunice Annice Langford born April 14, 1894, married 1st William Covington Corbin, 2nd Tillman Franklin Kilpatrick, died Oct. 13, 1955.

          Gertrude Varshall Langford born April 6, 1896, died Jan. 17, 1985.

          Bernice Langford born June 6, 1898, married June 6, 1915 William Andrew Livings, died June 15, 1969.

          Kate Langford born Jan. 3, 1901, married Aug. 15, 1923 Joseph Dean Chambless.

          Ewell Nye Langford born Nov. 24, 1902, married Ruth Idelle Mallette, died Oct. 24, 1971.

        Nancy Annice Langford born 1859. Moved to AL.

        John Joseph Alexander Langford born 1864. Moved to AL.

      Talitha Stuart

      Margaret Stuart

      John Stuart

      Joseph Stuart born about 1826, married Martha A.

      Susan Stuart

      Rebecca Moss Stuart

      Usabieus Annice Stuart

      Hamilton Stuart

    Martha (Patsey) Pugh born about 1796 in GA, married April 14, 1814 in Jasper Co., GA Burwell Morris, died after 1850. Her children:

      Mary Morris married Jan. 14, 1838 John Hill Minter (whose 1st wife was her cousin Eliza Fallin). Her children:

        Burrell Minter born about 1840, married Georgiann A. Meadows, died about 1870, served in Co. A, 13th GA Regt., Evan's Brigade.

        Henry J. Minter born about 1842. Served in same unit as Burrell.

        William C. Minter born about 1844. Served in same unit as Burrell.

        Martha F. Minter born about 1846.

        Asa A. Minter born about 1849.

        N.A.M. Minter (female) born about 1852.

        S. Minter (female) born about 1859.

      John H. Morris born Jan 1823, married about 1844 Mary A. Living in Upson Co. in 1900. His children:

        James Morris born about 1845.

        William J. Morris born Aug. 6, 1847, married Mary C., died Dec. 21, 1903. His children:

          Leola O. Morris born about 1869.

          Laura M. Morris born about 1870.

          Eliza H. Morris born about 1872.

          William J. Morris born about 1874.

          Mary E. Morris born about 1876.

          Charles J. Morris born about 1876.

          Mattie B. Morris born Feb. 1882

          Ivey A. Morris born June 1888.

          Mark C. Morris born June 1876.

        Henry Morris born 1849.

        Thomas Marion Morris born May 1841, married Jane. E., died Jan. 29, 1932 His children:

          William H. Morris born Aug. 1883.

          Mary E. Morris born July 1888.

          Alsire C. Morris born Nov. 1897.

          Essie Morris born Nov. 1897.

        L. C. Morris born about 1854, married Samantha. His children:

          Mary J. Morris born about 1873.

          William L. Morris born about 1877.

        Sarah Morris born June 1859.

      William R. Morris born about 1828.

      Elizabeth Morris born about 1836.

    * Asa Pugh/Peugh our ancestor. See generation 5.

    Ney (Nigh, Neigh. Descendants say his name was Nye) A. Pugh/Peugh born about 1802 in AL (according to census), married April 4, 1825 in Henry Co., GA Nancy A. Crew, died before 1870. Moved to Henry Co. land owned by his father (which became part of Butts Co.). Adopted Peugh spelling when he moved to Pike Co. near his brother Asa. His children:

      Martha M. Peugh born about 1827, married Nov. 6, 1845 David Chapman Minter, dead by 1880. Her children:

        John A. Minter (male) born about 1847, married Nancy M.. Served in Co. A, 13th GA Regt. Evan's Brigade. His children:

          Sarah M. Minter born about 1867.

          Anthony R. Minter born about 1870.

          Robert W. Minter born about 1873.

          James G. Minter born about 1874.

          John R. Minter born about 1876.

          Nancy M. Minter born about 1878.

          (male) Minter born May 1880.

        Nancy E. Minter born Sept. 10, 1847, married 1866 George W. Coates, died Jan. 4, 1926 Marshall Co., Al. Her children:

          Mattie Coates born about 1867.

          Henry Coates born about 1870.

          Eliza Coates born about 1874.

          John Coates born about 1876.

          Lillie Mae Coates born Dec. 29, 1889 GA, married Alonza Camp, died Feb. 29, 1940 Elora TN.

        L. F. Minter (female) born about 1851

        Robert N. Minter born 1853, married Eliza. His children:

          Andrew Minter born about 1875.

          Renza P. Minter (female) born about 1877.

        Martha Minter born about 1854.

        William H. Minter born about 1859, married Ester E.

        Charles C. Minter born about 1863.

        James J. Minter born about 1867.

        Jehu Minter born 1857.

      Charles Joseph Peugh born Butts Co., GA Dec. 24, 1831, married 1st Feb. 5, 1854 Catherine Minter, 2nd about Nov. 11, 1894 to Ann Brumbeloe, died Jan. 11, 1905. Served in Civil War in Co. A, 13th GA Regt. form May 12, 1862 until surrender at Appomattox. Wounded in left shoulder at Winchester VA in 1864. Lived at Kenzie, Upson Co. His children by 1st marriage:

        Joseph Peugh/Pugh born about 1854, married Jan. 3, 1869 Mary Jo Taylor. Moved to Marshall Co., AL His children:

          Mary Pugh born Feb. 1870, dead before 1880.

          Samantha Pugh born 1871

          Lovenice Pugh born 1873.

          Johnny Pugh born 1878.

          Armita E. Pugh born 1879.

        John A. Peugh born about 1871

        James A. Peugh born May 1875, married Hassie. Lived in Tift Co. 1920. His children:

          Hoyt L. Peugh born Sept. 30, 1900, died Sept. 1971..

          Alma Peugh born about 1903.

          Emmett Peugh born July 21, 1904, died Sept. 1969..

          Jesse Peugh born about 1907.

          Royce L. Peugh born about 1909.

          Ruth Peugh born about 1911.

          Herbert Peugh born about 1916.

      William A. Peugh born Jan. 1835, married April 5, 1868 Nancy A. Philipse, died 1902. Served in Civil War in Co. A, 13th GA Regt. from July 8, 1861 until surrender at Appomattox. His children:

        Sallie Peugh born about 1872.

        James Peugh born about 1872.

        Westley W. Peugh born April 1875, married Charity E. His children:

          Wesley J. Peugh born Mar. 1895.

          Cora C. Peugh born Mar. 1898.

          Alice M. Peugh. born Feb. 1900.

        Matez C. Peugh born about 1879.

        Mattie Peugh born Jan. 1881, married Dec. 20, 1901 Charles T. Smoot.

      Robert Asa Peugh born June 29, 1838, married Mar. 6, 1862 Margaret E. Taylor, died Nov. 1896. Buried Beulah Church Cemetary in Pike Co.

      Samuel W. (Wesley?) Peugh born about 1843. If this is Wesley he also served in Co. A, 13th GA Regt. as a private. Killed at Malvern Hill VA on July 1, 1862 and buried at Holywood Cemetery Richmond VA.

      Sarah A.E. Peugh born about 1845.

      Nancy Ellie Peugh born July 4, 1829, married Jan. 3, 1850 in Upson Co., GA to John Willingham, died Sept. 27, 1901. Her children:

        James N. Willingham born about 1861.

        John W. Willingham born about 1861.

        William Willingham born about 1868.

Generation 5, Asa Pugh/Peugh.

Asa Pugh/Peugh born about 1800-03 in Wilkes Co., GA, married 1st in Jasper Co. according to family tradition Peggy Teal (Jasper marriage records show a James Pugh marrying a Margaret Steel on Dec. 21, 1820. Peggy is a nickname for Margaret and James may have been a misreading of the name Asa.), 2nd probably in Pike Co., GA about 1824 Olive (Ollie) McGinty (possible daughter of John McGinty), died about 1836-37 in Pike Co., GA. Olive was born about 1800-10 in GA, married 2nd Dec. 4, 1838 Riley G. B. Woolley, apparently died before 1850 in Upson Co., GA. She may have died before July 1841 when James K. Holsey was appointed as the guardian for Asa's children. Asa moved with his father to Jasper Co. In the 1821 Asa Peugh of Martin's District (GMD 248) Jasper Co., GA drew land lot 12, 2 Section of Monroe Co. which became Pike Co. and is now part of Spalding Co. By 1827 he moved to this land which was east of the Roved-Zetella Road north of Rover GA. This is the first time that the spelling Peugh is used and I suspect that he kept the spelling to insure his claim on the land. He gave land for Liberty Church in Pike Co. He drew land in the 1832 land lottery in Cherokee Co. land lot 688, District 2, 1st Section. He was a resident of Bustin's District in Pike Co. at that time. He died after the 1836 tax digest was prepared and before the 1837 index. In Dec. 1841 James K. Holsey sold 1/2 of Asa's Pike Co. land. The other half was later purchased by Nancy Peugh's husband, James Waller. In Sept. 1844 James K. Holsey as guardian for his children sold his Cherokee Co. land and Jasper Co., land and some slaves. At the auction of Asa' estate, James K. Holsey purchase for Nancy Peugh a side saddle, trestle bedstead and furniture. a lot of bed clothing and a large chest. His children by his 2nd wife:

    * Nancy Ann Peugh married James Waller. Our ancestor. See Waller family, generation 2.

    William Washington Peugh born about 1827 in Pike Co., married Oct. 7, 1846 in Upson Co., GA Sarah Ann Minter, buried at Valley grove Cemetery, Atwater, Upson Co., GA. Lived land lot 109, 10th District of Upson Co. (555 GMD). He served as a private in Co. I, 32nd Regiment of GA Vol. Infantry, Army of TN from Upson Co., "Woodson Guards". Wounded at Morris Island SC on July 20, 1863 and surrendered at Greensboro NC on April 26, 1865. After the war he moved to Pike Co. and in 1880 was living in Jackson Co., AL. His children:

      Susannah F. Peugh born about 1851, married Nov. 15, 1871 Thomas E. Brown. Her children:

        Sue Brown married a Brown. Moved to TX.

      Asa Peugh born about 1855, married Nov. 14, 1872 Sarah E. Wascosey, (possibly died Feb. 16, 1934 in Runnels Co., TX.) Lived in AL and TX.

      Nancy J. Peugh born about 1856.

      Eliza C. Peugh born about 1859.

      Margaret Peugh born about 1861, married Robert Colquitt. Her Children:

        Mary Anah Colquuitt

      Mary Peugh born about 1864.

      James T. Peugh born about 1867, (possibly died Nov. 30, 1930 Parker Co., TX)..

      Drucilla Peugh born about 1868.

      Lula A. Peugh born about 1869.

      Willie Peugh (female) born about 1874.

    Elmira (Almira) C. Peugh born 1831 in Pike Co., married May 4, 1864 in Spalding Co., GA James Carruthers (who died by 1880), died 1894, buried Glenwood Cemetery Upson Co. Elmira was deaf and was sent to the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb in Hartford CN for which the state of GA provided $3000. The state decided to start a deaf department at the Hearn Manual Labor School at Cave Spring in Floyd Co. They sent a teacher to CN where he trained for a year. He returned on May 15, 1846 with four students, one of whom was Elmira. The Hearn School became the GA School for the Deaf. Item in Oct. 18, 1873 "Thomaston Herald" - Accident on Tuesday when a calf gored a little child of Mr. James Carruthers, inflicting a very serious wound. (child not named) Her children:

      John Carruthers born about 1866.

      Robert Carruthers born about 1869.

      Elmira Carruthers born about 1873, married Dec. 24, 1885 Allen L. Jimmerson.

    Robert James (Jim) Peugh born Sept. 7, 1833 Pike Co., married April 25, 1856 Sarah J. Willingham in Upson Co., died Oct. 21, 1862 at Camp William Duncan Smith near Savannah, GA, buried Shiloh Church Cemetery in Upson Co.. He served as a private in Co. I, 32nd Regiment of GA Vol. Infantry, Army of TN from Upson Co., "Woodson Guards". His children:

      Mary Peugh born about 1857.

      Febb Peugh born about 1859-61

      Jim Peugh

    Andrew Jackson Peugh born about 1837 in Pike Co., married April 19, 1857 in Upson Co. Martha Willimgham, died after Feb. 11, 1885 and before June 1885. Sent to Sing Sing prision at Albany NY where he died of TB. Surposed to have been falsely accused of tax evasion. He served as a private in Co. I, 32nd Regiment of GA Vol. Infantry, Army of TN from Upson Co., "Woodson Guards" from May 7, 1862. Listed on roll November 1862 as missing-sick. His children:

      John Jackson (Jack) Peugh born Sept. 1858, married Feb. 10, 1879 Rhoda Minter, died after 1910. His children:

        Nita Peugh born May 1880.

        Alvah H. Peugh born Mar. 1, 1888, married Nov. 29, 1917 Lucille Corinr Gilleland, died Oct. 2, 1965. Served in WW I (sn 1-354285)

      Jane Josephine (Jo) Peugh born 1859, married Nov. 25, 1886 James B. Gordy. Her children:

        Conner Gordy

      Missouri (Zudie) Peugh born 1861, married Dec. 6, 1877 Charles Moore. Her children:

        Leola Moore

      Anger Hood Peugh born Aug. 1862, married Dec. 14, 1879 Nancy Louisa Fincher, died Milledgeville State Hospital. His children:

        Washie M. Peugh born July 8, 1881, died April 29, 1910.

        Maggie Peugh born Jan. 14, 1884, married Andrew S. Coggin, died Sept. 30, 1936. Her children:

          Eugene Coggin married Willa Robinson.

      Annie Georgia Peugh born 1866, died 1942. Her children by ? Minter:

        Homer Peugh born April 23, 1883, married Mar. 4, 1906 Annie Torbert., died Sept. 12, 1962. Lived in Turner Co., GA 1920. His children:

          Bessie Peugh born about 1908., married an English.

          Robert Peugh born about 1909.

          James Alton Peugh born about 1911.

          Walter Peugh born about 1913.

          Ethel Peugh born 1920, married a Langford.

          Laura Peugh born about 1915, married a Warren.

          Marvin Peugh born Sept 7, 1919, died July 1971.

          Emory Peugh

          Irene Peugh married a Holmes.

          Lena Peugh born about 1918, married a Roach.

          Leona Peugh born aboit 1916, married a Hawley.

          Felton Peugh

        Bessie Peugh born 1886, married Nov. 15, 1903 Joseph Preston Watts.

        Maude Peugh born 1890 married Oct. 4, 1905 Jospeh Preston Watts (her sister's widower).

Associated Families

Kinman Family

Generation 1, John Kinman.

John Kinman May have married Mary who appears as a widow in the 1790 Wilkes Co. GA tax digest and was still living in 1803. His children:

    Samuel Kinman born Nov. 21, 1763. Came to Wilkes Co., GA and joined the migration to Knox Co., IN. and later went to McMinn Co. TN with his younger children in 1819.

      John Kinman remained in IN when father moved to TN.

      James Kinman remained in IN when father moved to TN.

    * James Kinman our ancestor. See generation 2.

    David Kinman died 1831. Came to Wilkes Co., GA and later went 1st to Grant Co., KY and then to Pike Co., IN. See his journey song following. His children:

      James Kinman

    William Kinman found in 1790 Wilkes Co., tax digest.

    Levi Kinman born 1789, died 1840. Came to GA and later went to Pike Co. IN

(Note the 1st four children and Mary are found in the 1790 Wilkes tax digest in the same district as Jesse and Jehu Pugh. This area now part of Taliaferro Co.)

Generation 2, James Kinman

James Kinman married Jane, died 1821. A Quaker and traditional father of Elizabeth Kinman who married Jehu Pugh. At this time I do not know much about this person. In the 1793 Wilkes Co. tax digest Jehu Pugh lived next to him. On Aug. 2,1892 he was appointed guardian of Mary and David Mason, orphans of John and Nancy Mason, What if any connection to these Masons is unknown. The Kinman's moved on to Jasper Co. and about 1808 joined the Quaker migration to Indiana. Various family members came from Jasper, Morgan and Greene Co. and ended up around Pike Co. Indiana where James left a will naming the following children:

    Elijah Kinman

    Betsey (Elizabeth) Kinman married Jehu Pugh. Our ancestor. See Pugh family, generation 4.

    James Kinman Jr.

    David Kinman

    Mary Kinman consent given by father Feb. 26, 1798 to marry Alexander McKeen

    Pugh Kinman

    Alcey (Nancy ?) Kinman married Robert Pugh, brother of Jehu Pugh. See her family under his listing. (I believe that Alcey might have been misread as Nancy in the will.)

    Thomas Kinman

David Kinman's Journey Song

      On The 8th day of April 1808

      I left my old dwelling, as I do relate.

      We traveled northwestward up the Oconee

      And crossed the dividing ridge to Chatahoochee.

      'Tis not my long journey that troubles me so

      Nor leaving Greene County, for what do I owe,

      But most that doth grieve me and trouble my mind

      Is leaving my relations in Georgia behind.

      Farewell my old neighbors, I bid you adieu.

      I am going to travel the wilderness through

      I am going to travel the desert all through.

      So, farewell, old relations, I bid you adieu.

      May kind Heaven protect you and guard you through life,

      And safely conduct you through troubles and strife,

      And when in the tomb your frail bodies do lie

      May your souls soar away to sweet mansions on high.

      Three days and three nights we were forced to lie.

      The rain was descending, the river was high.

      At length we got over and our way we could see

      So we escaped quite over to the water Coosee.

      Our course we did steer to the Ocmulgee

      And crossed over the ridge to Conesage.

      We crossed over the rived in the evening quite late

      And entered the boarder of Tennessee state.

      We crossed the Tennessee, we crossed over the Clinch

      Pursuing our journey, we resolved not to flinch.

      We scaled the high mountain, on summit did stand,

      And traveled down the western side to sweet Cumberland.

      The rich land of Kentucky we soon had in view.

      We crossed over the river, passed Lexington through,

      And came on to Eagle the last day of May,

      Resigned to the Heavens, contented to Stay.

Composed by David Kinman on his journey from Georgia to Kentucky and sung to his children, Mr. S.F. Kinman of Petersburg, IN sent a copy to James LeConte in 1913 and this copy can be found in the LeConte Collection at the Hargrett Library at the University of Georgia

McGinty Family

The McGinty name is also found as Ginity, Maginnity, Mag Fhinneachta and as a derivation Finaghty. It is a Co. Donegal Ireland family name, and found as Ginty and Genty in north Connacht.

I believe that the Pughs and McGintys were acquainted at least as far back as 1790 in Wilkes Co. when John McGinty was in the same district as Jehu Pugh and witnessed, with Jesse Pugh, the will of Martha Stewart in 1791. I also believe that they may have been Quakers. In the 1830 Pike Co. census, John and Josiah McGinty are listed with John being only 14 names from Asa Pugh. Asa sold land to Lewis Borders in 1835. Lewis and his brother Benjamin Borders both married McGintys. I believe that the marriage may have been in the Quaker manner which would explain why it is not found in the county records..

Generation A, James McGinnahtie.

James McGinnahtie born County Donegal, Ireland about 1640. His son:

Generation B, William McGinnaghtie.

William McGinnaghtie born County Donegal, Ireland 1665. His possible son:

Generation 1, John McGinty.

John McGinty born County Donegal, Ireland, married Mary.died 1763 in VA. Came to Augusta Co., VA between 1738 and 1740. His children;

    Alexander McGinty died 1794 in Fayette Co., VA (now West VA). His children:

      James McGinty

      John McGinty

      Robert McGinty

    * John McGinty our ancestor. See generation 2.

    Margaret McGinty

    Ann McGinty

    Sara McGinty

    Mary McGinty

Generation 2, John McGinty

John McGinty born County Donegal, Ireland about 1720, married Sara Lived in the Green Brier settlement on Muddy Creek, VA (now West VA). Because of Indian troubles he moved in 1762 to Mecklenburg Co., NC where he lived on Sugar Creek, now Charlotte, NC. His children:

    Alexander McGinty died 1802 at Sugar Creek. His children:

      Alexander McGinty Jr.

    * John McGinty our ancestor see generation 3.

    James McGinty in 1785 Wilkes Co., GA tax digest Capt. Karr Dist.

    Robert McGinty born about 1746 in Augusta Co., VA, married Deborah Wright, died Jan. 1841 in Jones Co., GA. . Another source says that Robert McGinty married Deborah Jackson a member of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in 1788 and joined Wrightsborough Monthly meeting in 1779. He moved by 1777 to Germany Creek in Wilkes Co., GA (now McDuffie Co.). Fled during the Revolutionary War and returned after the war to live on Kettle Creek. Served in war as a private under Elijah Clarke. Robert McGinty is listed as a member of the Phillips Mill Baptist Church in Wilkes Co. in 1787. Robert McGinty is listed as a Grand Juror in Hancock Co. for the Sept. Term on 1797. He was a Baptist minister. His children:

      Joseph McGinty born 1772. Went to Miss. Teritory in 1805. His children:

        James McGinty

        Basil McGinty

        Joseph McGinty Jr.

        Mary McGinty married Mar. 4, 1811 John Russell.

        Elizabeth McGinty married James Gibson.

      John McGinty born about 1774, May have gone to Miss Territory.

      James McGinty born about 1776, married Tempy. Went to AL in 1835.

      Robert McGinty born 1782, married 1st July 5, 1807 in Hancock Co., GA Penelope Moore, married 2nd 1851 Elanna, moved to the Brazos River in TX . His children:

        John McGinty

        William McGinty

      Thomas McGinty born Sept. 9, 1784, married 1804 Sarah Castleberry, died 1868 in Morehouse Parish, LA. Moved to Wilkinson Co., GA before going to LA. His children:

        Polly McGinty born Nov. 6, 1806.

        Mary Ann McGinty born Jan. 8, 1808, married a Smith.

        Elizabeth McGinty born Jan. 17, 1811, married William M. Cooper. Her children:

          Elizabeth Cooper married Craven Patterson.

          Cora Iola Cooper married Andrew Torrance.

        Robert McGinty born May 23, 1812, married Dec. 17, 1846 in Monroe Co., GA Jemina Ann Moore. Moved to Stewart Co., AL.

        William Jones McGinty born June 22, 1814, married Feb. 25, 1831 in Monroe Co., GA Martha Davidson, died June, 1896 Ringold LA. His children:

          Mary Ann McGinty born Dec. 30, 1836, married 1853 Francis Marion McGinty, died June 30, 1925.

          Thomas J. McGinty born 1838, died Oct. 21, 1863.

          Zadok McGinty born 1840.

          James McGinty born 1842.

          Amanda McGinty born 1845, married Dave Brown.

          Elizabeth Ann McGinty born 1848, married Feb. 15, 1866 Isaac Newton Yates.died Jan. 30, 1884.

          Robert Dean McGinty born Mar. 28, 1850, married 1st Oct. 24, 1869 Arvy Smith, 2nd in 1887 Mrs. Mahalia Conly Cowart, 3rd 1906 Mrs. Mary Alice Scott McCoy, died Feb. 12, 1927.

          William Gibson McGinty born July 21, 1852, married 1st Nov. 28, 1869 Emma Cynthia Smith, 2nd Mar. 2, 1881 Mary Harriett Kolb, died July 17, 1939. (His son Joseph Eugene McGinty was a Master Sergeant under Teddy Roosevelt in the "Rough Riders" at the battle San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War.)

          Joseph Beebee McGinty born Dec. 9, 1854, married 1892 Margery Louise Templar, died Dec. 12, 1936.

        Nancy McGinty born Aug. 23, 1816.

        Jackson McGinty born Jan. 15, 1818.

        Deborah McGinty born Aug. 17, 1819, married Milton D. Sledge. Her children:

          Nancy Long Sledge born Feb. 1830, married John Waters.

          Millie Sledge

          Collin Sledge

          Jim Sledge

          Mary Ann Sledge

          Susan Sledge

          John Sledge

        Catherine McGinty born Jan. 26, 1822.

      Washington McGinty born 1786, married 1st in 1810 in Hancock Co. Nancy Thompson, 2st in Aug. 13, 1813 in Baldwin Co., GA,Tabitha Moore, 3nd Naomi Moore, 4th Elizabeth Harrington, died 1872 in Randolph Co., AL Moved to Wilkinson Co., and eastern Pike Co. GA (now Lamar Co.) before going to AL.His children by 2st marriage:

        William Pitt McGinty born June 4, 1819. His children:

          J.T. McGinty

        Nancy McGinty married in Pike Co., GA Sept. 26, 1833 John Means. Her children:

          James W. Means born May 1835, married Eliza J. Means, died Mar. 1917.

        Robert McGinty

        Franklin McGinty

      By 3nd marriage:

        Dora McGinty

        Naomi McGinty

        Narcessa E. McGinty born 1831.

        Ann McGinty born 1832.

        George McGinty

        Pinkney McGinty born about 1840

        James McGinty born about 1842.

      By 4th marriage

        Missoura A. McGinty born about 1844.

        Solina A. McGinty born about 1848.

        + 2 sons

      Isaac McGinty born 1787, married July 7, 1814 in Baldwin Co., GA Sarah Samples. This may be the Isaac McGinty who married Mary Malone in Pike Co. on Feb. 2, 1832 and was living in the Cabin Dist. of Spalding Co., GA in 1860.

      William McGinty born 1788, married 1st ?, 2nd Mar. 14, 1824 Baldwin Co., GA Martha Grant, died 1858 in Monroe, Co. Lived in Monroe Co., GA. His children by 1st marriage:

        Elijah McGinty

        Robert McGinty

        Lewis McGinty

      By 2nd marriage;

        William McGinty

        John Thomas McGinty

        plus 4 sons and four daughter

      Mary McGinty

      Shadrach McGinty born about 1792, married Aug. 5, 1818 in Putnam Co., GA Mary Lamar, died after 1843. In Bibb Co., GA in 1830. His children:

        Nancy McGinty

        John McGinty

        Robert McGinty

        James McGinty

      Meshach McGinty born about 1793. In Jones Co., GA in 1830, Baptist minister in Upson Co., GA in 1847. Moved to Bibb Co., AL. His children:

        Nancy McGinty born Oct. 1, 1820, married Oct. 1, 1836 in Jones Co., GA Jeremiah Stewart. Her children:

          J.T. Stewart

          George W. Stewart

      Abednego McGinty

      Josiah McGinty born about 1800, married 1825 Marion Penelope Russ. His children:

        Jeremiah McGinty

        B.R. McGinty

        Marion Evans McGinty

        Mariale Penelope McGinty

        Perry A. McGinty

Generation 3, John McGinty

John McGinty born 1760-70. Moved to Wilkes Co., Ga. and still there in 1820. The 1790 Wilkes Tax digest shows John McGinty in the same district as the Pughs and Kinmans and owning 100 acres (now in Taliaferro Co.). An undated 1790s Wilkes Co. tax digest shows Robert, John, and James McGinty in Capt. Karr's District.. John McGinty witnessed a deed in Butts Co. between Charles Rainey and John R. Cargile (whom lived near Jehu Pugh). Served in Rev. War. Moved to Pike Co., GA. where he lived near Asa Peugh. Drew land (as John Maginty) in 1832 Land Lottery as Rev. War soldier from Bustin's Didtrict of Pike Co. LL 297, 2nd Dist., 2nd Section. and in 1832 Gold land Lottery LL840, 3rd Dist., 4th Section. Not found in 1840 GA census. His children

    (male) McGinty

    (male) McGinty

    (male) McGinty

    * Olive McGinty our ancestor. See Pugh family, generation 5.

    Martha McGinty born about 1809 in GA, married Dec. 26, 1832 in Pike Co.Benjamin Boarders. Living in Carroll Co. in 1850. Her children:

      Burrill Borders born about 1835.

      Mary Borders born about 1838.

      Martha Borders born about 1839.

      Michael Borders born about 1843.

      Benjamin Borders born about 1846.

    Catherine McGinty born about 1813, married 1824 in Pike Co. Lewis Boarders. In Pike Co. in 1850. Her children:

      Martha Boarders born about 1831.

      John Boarders born about 1834.

      Nancy Boarders born about 1840.

      Jane Boarders born about 1842.

      Washington Boarders born about 1844.

      Thomas Boarders born about 1846.

      Lewis Boarders born about 1849.

    Mary McGinty born 1815-20 married July 21, 1844 in Pike Co., GA William D. Pender

Price Family

Generation 1, David Price.

David Price was a Quaker from Breckonshire, Wales, married about 1665 Joan Awbrey (daughter of Thomas Awbrey), came to the Radnor Meeting in PA in 1690. Rented 300 acres of land in Radnor township from James Price of Wales for 3 years or forever if James did not come over (he did not). Received a city lot in Philadelphis on Chestnut Street between 4th and 5th Streets but sold it. Joan was born about 1640 in Wales, died 1699 in PA. His children:

    Catherine Price born Wales, married 1698 Radnor Township, PA. David Pugh. See Pugh family generation A for her family

    * Joan Price married James Pugh (brother of above). Our ancestor, see Pugh family generation 1.

    + 4 additional children born in Wales.

Awbrey Descent From Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of North Wales.

Generation A, Gruffydd ap Cynan King of North Wales, died 1136. His daughter:

Generationa B, Lady Gwenllian married Rhys ap Tewdwr, Prince of South Wales. Their daughter:

Generation C, Lady Elizabeth married Edmund, feudal Lord of Cayrowe. Their son:

Generation D. Sir Edgar de Carew Lord of Cayrowe. His son:

Generation E, John de Carew feudal Lord of Carew. His daughter:

Generation F, Anne de Carew (also called Nesta) married Thomas Awbrey (son of William Awbrey of Aberkynfrig and Slough in Brecknockshire Wales). Their son;

Generation G, Thomas Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, constable and ranger of the forest of Brecon, married Johan (daughter of Trahaerne ap Einion, Lord of Comond). Their son:

Generation H, Thomas Awbrey-goch of Aberkynfrig, married Nesta (daughter of Owen Gethyn of Glyn Taway). Their son:

Generation I, Richard Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, married Creislie (daughter of Philip ap Elidor "Phe ab Elerd"). Their son:

Generation J, Gwalter Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, married Johan (daughter of Rees Morgan, see descent following). Their son:

Generation K, Morgan Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, married Alice (daughter of Gwatkin Thomas ap David Lloyd). Their son:

Generation L, Jenkin Awbrey of Aberkynfrig married Gwenllian (daughter of Owain ap Griffith of Tal y Llyn and a descendant of Charlemagne and Magna Charta Barons). Their son:

Generation M, Hopkin Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, married Gwenllian (daughter of Owain ap Griffith of Tal y Lyn). Their son:

Generation N, William Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, married 2nd Jane (widow of Thomas Lloyd and daughter of Sir Richard Herbert, Lord of Montgomery Castle and Jane daughter of Gwilim ap Rees Philip of Llwyn-howell. Sir Richard was a gentleman usher to Henry VIII), died June 27, 1547. Their son:

Generation O, Richard Awbrey of Aberkynfrig, married Margaret (daughter of Thomas Gunter of Gileston), died 1580. Their son:

Generation P, Richard Awbrey of Llanelyw Breckockshire, married Anne (daughter of William Vaughan of Llanelyw), buried Sept. 25, 1646. Their son:

Generation R, Thomas Awbrey of Llanelwn parish. His daughter:

    Joan Awbrey married David Price. See Price family, generation 1.

Awbrey Descent from Alfred, King of Dublin.

Generation A, Alfred, King of Dublin, married Lady Eva (daughter of Dermot, King of Leinster). Their son:

Generation B, Suttrick , King of Dublin, married Lady nesta (daughter of Theodore-mawr, Prince of South Wales). Their son:

Generation C, Ideo Wyllt, Lord of Clwye in Brecon, married Eleanore (daughter of Drympenog, Lord of Cantre Seliffe). Came from Ireland to Wales with a band of soldiers to assist Rees ap Theodore against the Normans. Their son:

Generation D, Cadwgan Hen His son:

Generation E, Griffith ap Cadgan Lord of Llangadog. His son:

Generation F, Cadwgangoch His son:

Generation H, Howel-goch His son:

Generation I, Einion His son;

Generation J, Morgan His son:

Generation K, Rees Morgan of Llangadog Carmarthenshire. His daughter:

Generation L, Johan married Gwalter Awbrey. See generation J in above chart.

Stewart Family

The spelling Stewart and Stuart are used interchangeable. Most of the descendant use the Stewart spelling. The early Quaker records use the Stuart spelling. For simplicity I have used the spelling Stewart for all the US descendants..

Generation A. Walter Stuart.

Walter Stewart born about 1630 in Perthshire Scotland. His children:

    * Robert Stuart our ancestor. See generation B.

Generation B, Robert Stuart.

Robert Stuart Born 1655 in Perthshire Scotland, married Janet Forsythe , died Londonderry, Vester Ireland. Moved to Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland before going to Ireland. His children:

    * Alexander Stewart our ancestor. See generation 1.

    John Stewart born 1682 Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, married 1st in Londonderry, Ireland about 1702 Elizabeth Clark, married 2nd about 1715 Elizabeth Forsythe, died Windham, Rockingham Co., NH. His children by 1st marriage:

      Charles Stewart born about 1705 near Londonderry, Ireland, married about 1727 in Ireland Mary Ayers. His children:

        Elizabeth Stewart born Jan. 11, 1729 at Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married about 1750 John Clark.

        Mary Stewart born May 5, 1730 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married Abraham Peck.

        Margarete Stewart born Oct. 4, 1731 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married 1st John Kately, 2nd John Anderson, 3rd James Stewart.

        William Stewart born Feb. 12, 1733 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married Elizabeth Clark.

        John Stewart born 1735 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married 1st Ann McClellan, 2nd Jean Love, died Aug. 28, 1818 NY.

        Jennet Stewart born about 1737 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married Joseph Bell.

        Rebecca Stewart born May 28, 1738 Lundsburg, Franklin Co., MA, married about 1753 John Stewart.

        Samuel Stewart born 1739 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married Rebecca Henry.

        Lydia Stewart born about 1740 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, married Joseph McKown.

      Robert Stewart born 1707 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH, married Lydia Blair.

      James Stewart born 1709 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH.

      John Stewart born 1711 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH, married Rebecca Costa. His children:

        Robert Stewart born Sept. 15, 1747 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH, married Sarah Woodward.

        Rebecca Stewart born Dec. 20, 1750 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH.

        Mary Stewart born May 2, 1753 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH.

        Hannah Stewart born Nov. 1755 Windham, Rochingham Co., NH.

        Adam Stewart born Sept. 12, 1758 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH.

    By 2nd marriage:

      Mary Stewart born 1716.

      Samuel Stewart born 1718 aboard ship from Ireland, married about 1744 Alice Atchinson His children:

        John Stewart born Sept. 12, 1745 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH.

        William Stewart born 1746, Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH.

        Isobel Stewart born 1748, Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH.

        Samuel Stewart born Feb. 23, 1749 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH.

        Mary Stewart born May 18, 1753 Colrain, Franklin Co., MA.

        Alice Stewart born Mar. 26, 1754 Colrain, Franklin Co., MA.

        Rebecca Stewart born July 26, 1756 Colrain, Franklin Co., MA.

        James Stewart born Jan. 5, 1759 Colrain, Franklin Co., MA.

        Sarah Stewart born about 1763 Colrain, Franklin Co., MA.

        Robert Stewart born 1766 Colrain, Franklin Co., MA.

      Joseph Stewart born Jan. 17, 1721, married 1st about 1741 Margaret Thompson, married 2nd Hannah Hescock, died Feb. 22, 1821 NY. His children:

        Joseph Stewart born April 6, 1752, married about 1772 Rosana Harmon, died Sept. 1, 1828 NY.

      Margarite Stewart born 1723 Windham, Rockingham Co., NH, married William Aiken.

    Robert Stewart born about 1684 Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

    Juliana Stewart born about 1686 Londonderry, Vester, Ireland.

    Ann Stewart born about 1688 Londonderry, Vester, Ireland.

    Samuel Stewart born 1690 Londonderry, Vester, Ireland.

Generation 1, Alexander Stewart.

Alexander Stewart born about 1680 Edinburgh Scotland, married about 1708 in Chester Co., PA Mary Bailey, died Jan. 5, 1715 in Kennett Square, Chester Co., PA. Mary was born Nov. 10, 1688 Bromhill, Wiltshire, England, and died in 1741 in Bradford Township, Chester Co., PA. Mary Bailey was the daughter of Joel Bailey and Ann Short both of whom were Quakers. Joel Bailey, the son of Daniel and Mary Bailey, was baptized on Jan. 29, 1658 in Bromham parish, Whiltshire, England and made his will on Dec. 10, 1728. Alexander Stewart was not a Quaker and the marriage was disapproved by the Quakers. After his death she wrote a letter dated Nov. 5, 1715 to the Newark (later Kennett) monthly meeting stating she "owned that she is sorry that she did contrary to good orders.) Mary Bailey Stewart married 2nd Jan. 12, 1716 George Harlan. Alexander came to America by Sept. 14, 1697 when he was one of 46 servants that Elbridge Amos Stuart brought to Chester PA. He was bound as an indentured servant to Francis Chadsey in Chester Co., PA for seven years, eight if he was taught to read and write. On June 10, 1701 he was transferred, with his consent, to Henry Nagel to be taught the shoemaker's trade for an additional 15 months of service. His service terminated about 1705. On Oct. 5, 1713 he bought 350 acres of land on the south side of Brandywine Creek on the east side of the present Kennett Square in Chester Co., PA. His children:

    John Stewart born about 1708 Kennett Square, Chester Co., PA.

    Jane (June) Stewart born 1709 Kennett Square, Chester Co., PA, married May 14, 1730 in Bradford Township, Chester Co., PA Josiah Taylor.

    * Robert Stewart our ancestor. See generation 2.

    Ann Stewart born Aug. 4, 1712 Kennett Square, Chester Co., PA, married Aug. 1, 1744 at Christ Church in Philadelphia Henry Marsh.

    Mary Stewart born May 8, 1714 Kennett Square, Chester Co., PA, married Joseph Taylor.

Children of Mary Bailey by her 2nd marriage to George Harlan:

    John Harlan

    Rebecca Harlan

    Dinah Harlan

    Hannah Harlan

    Joel Harlan

    Michael Harlan

    George Harlan

Generation 2, Robert Stewart/Stuart.

Robert Stewart born Jan. 25, 1711 in Kennett Township, Chester Co., PA, married 1st about 1733 in PA Martha Richardson (daughter of Isaac Richardson and Catherine Gandy. She had a sister Elizabeth Richardson who married a Chadds and died in PA.), 2nd Martha Margaret Stewart, died before 1790 in Wilkes Co., GA. Martha Richardson was born May 23, 1717 in Whiteland Township, Chester Co., PA, died 1793 in Wilkes Co., GA. She was a Quaker and was disowned by the Concord monthly meeting for being married by a 'priest". He was four when his father died and left him his Kennett Township property which he gained title to at age 21. He refused to be a Quaker an adopted the spelling Stuart although later he did use the Stewart spelling. He sold his East Marlborough township land on Jan. 28, 1734 and moved to Whiteland township where his mother-in-law lived. About 1750 moved to Robeson Township, Berks Co., PA. Moved to the Frederick Co. in the Shenandoah Valley of VA, but finding no location to their liking moved on to Cane Creek, Orange Co. (now Almance Co.), NC where Matha and her daughters Mary, Catherine and Rachel were received from the Exeter Quaker Monthly Meeting in Berks Co. to the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting on Jan. 7, 1758 and Robert and Alexander and the younger children on Mar. 3, 1758. On Sept. 29, 1764 Robert and his wife and younger children transferred to New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford Co., NC. On May 29, 1773 they were dismissed from New Garden to Bush River in Newberry Co., SC. They went however to Wightsboro in Columbia Co., GA where they were received on Dec. 4, 1773. They settled on Little River in Wilkes Co., GA by 1773 when Robert received a grant on Aug. 22, 1773. This land is now part of Taliaferro Co. They returned to SC during the Revolutionary War, but returned to Wilkes Co., GA toward the end of the war.

    John Stewart born about 1734 in East Marborough Township, Chester Co., PA, married 1st June 10, 1756 in Wilmingham Del. Hannah Lee, 2nd Sarah Stanley, died June 1772. Moved to Wilmington DE. His children:

      Elizabeth Stewart born Sept. 27, 1759 in Wilmington, DE.

      Martha Stewart born Aug. 10, 1762 Wilmington, DE. Disowned in 1780 by Wilmington monthly meeting.

      George Stewart born Mar. 6, 1767 Philadelphia, PA.

      Ann Stewart born Sept. 16, 1769 in Wilmington, DE.

    Alexander Stewart born about 1736 in Chester Co., PA. married at Cane Creek, Orange Co., NC on May 17, 1759 Elizabeth Pike, died 1767. His children:

      Robert Stewart born Sept. 23, 1760, married Jan. 17, 1783 Ann Hornaday, died July 21, 1844 in Ohio. Moved 1802 to Waynesvile, Warren Co., Ohio. His children:

        Alexander Stewart born Mar. 15, 1785, married Oct. 1, 1807 Rebecca Clark.

        Abigail Stewart born Dec. 11, 1797, married Dec. 2, 1827 William Harris. died Aug. 2, 1874.

        Ivy Stewart born Jan. 1, 1802, married 1st April 8, 1835 Sarah Osborne, 2nd Mrs. Villa Porter.

      Abigail Stewart born May 18, 1762, married June 7, 1780 Thomas Dixon, died May 26, 1843.

      John Stewart born Jan. 30, 1764, married 1st 1787 Elizabeth Dixon, 2nd April 23, 1812 Mary Stout, died Jan. 17, 1856 in Chatham Co., NC. His children:

        Naomi Stewart born July 7, 1787, married Aug. 5, 1806 Joseph Stout, died 1877.

        Diana Stewart born Aug. 13,1789, married Jan. 15, 1807 Joseph Allen, died 1862.

        Solomon Stewart born 1792, married Feb. 10, 1813 Rachel Underwood, died 1875.

        Alexander Stewart born 1794, married Oct. 21, 1813 Ann Stout, died 1848.

        Elizabeth Stewart born Mar. 13, 1797, married Jan. 12,1815 Simon Baker, died 1868.

        Simon Stewart born April 10, 1800, married Dec. 8, 1824 Eunice Johnson, died 1880 White Lick Ind.

        Benjamin Stewart born 1802, married April 7, 1828 Sarah Newlin, died 1880

        Hannah Stewart born 1805, married Oct. 12, 1826 Jeremiah Piggott, died 1881

        Charles Stewart born May 27, 1814, married April 9, 1835 Ruth Hadley, died 1903 in Woolson, Iowa. His children:

          John Hadley Stuart born Mar. 6, 1836, married 1st Oct. 22, 1869 Lucinda Ruggles, 2nd Amy Mott, died Mar. 3, 1921.

          Ivy Stuart born July 16, 1837, married Phoebe Ann Wooten. Moved to Mitchell Co., Kansas.

          Joshua Stuart born Sept. 20, 1838, married Aug. 29, 1861 Ruth Johnson, died Sept. 16, 1921. Lived Jefferson Co., Iowa.

          Mary Jane Stuart born June 23, 1840, died May 28, 1906. No marriage.

          Riley Stuart born Jan. 15, 1842, died as infant.

          Huldah Stuart born April 27, 1843, died as infant.

          Joseph Gurney Stuart born Jan. 10, 1845, married Aug. 14, 1872 Martha Hoskins, died Mar. 28, 1922. Lived Des Moines, Iowa.

          Joel Stuart born Sept. 9, 1847, married Jan. 19, 1870 Mary letitia Ratliff, died July 2, 1902. Lived in Kansas and Iowa.

          Rebecca Elizabeth Stuart born Sept. 8, 1849, married Sept. 10, 1871 David Jones, died Jan. 4, 1888. Lived Fairfield Iowa.

          Julia Stuart born Sept. 19, 1851, died as infant.

          William Zeno Stuart born April 9, 1855, died in AK.

      Henry Stewart born Feb. 11, 1766, married 1787 Mary Nelson, died Nov. 9, 1850 Davidson Co., NC. His children:

        Samuel Stewart born Jan. 11, 1788, married Sept. 22, 1814 Hannah Barker.

        Martha Stewart born June 26, 1790.

        Catherine Stewart born Mar. 2, 1794, married Jeremiah Little.

        Zimri Stewart born Sept. 7, 1795.

        Jehu Stewart born June 25, 1797, married 1822 Rebecca Hicks.

        Elizabeth Stewart born Dec. 22, 1798, married Jonathan Synder.

        Alexander Stewart born Dec. 3, 1800, married Marha Miller.

        John Stewart born Jan. 11, 1803, married Elizabeth Williams, died 1840.

        Mary Stewart born Jan. 4, 1806.

        Anna Stewart born Dec. 24, 1807, married Benjamin Lanier.

        Tabitha Stewart born July 16, 1810.

    Mary Stewart born 1738 Chester Co., PA, married Thomas Taylor?

    Catherine Stewart born about 1742 Chester Co., PA, married John Ballinger and lived on the land where the Battle of Guilford Court House took place.

    Rachel Stewart born about 1744 Chester Co., PA, married Evan Harris

    Jehu Stewart born Oct. 10, 1740, Chester Co., PA, married 1st July 4, 1765 New Garden monthly meeting Sarah Stanley, 2nd June 30, 1805 New Garden monthly meeting Sarah Guyer, died June 30, 1827 Guilford Co., NC. His widow and some of his children went to the Quaker settlements in Indiana. His children by 1st marriage:

      Robert Stewart born May 17, 1766 New Garden NC, married April 21, 1793 Martha Beeson. His children:

        Elizabeth Stewart born Aug. 25, 1794.

        Isaac Stewart born April 23, 1796, married Dec. 8, 1822 Sarah Johnson, died Aug. 6, 1859 near Greenfield Ind.

        Phebe Stewart born Dec. 12, 1797, died April 24, 1820.

        Sarah Stewart born Feb. 8, 1800.

        Jehu Stewart born June 25, 1802.

        Martha Stewart born Mar. 8, 1805.

        Guielma Stewart born Jan. 22, 1808, died May 5, 1808.

        Guielma Stewart born Mar. 22, 1809.

        Robert Stewart born Dec. 1, 1811, died April 19, 1812.

        Asenath Stewart born Feb. 1, 1813.

      John Stewart born Mar. 26, 1775 New Garden, NC.

      Jehu Stewart born Nov. 10, 1770 New Garden. NC, married 1795 Mary Cook, died 1844.

      Mary Stewart married 1st John Hunt, 2nd Joseph Guyer.

      Sarah Stewart married Sept. 6, 1789 Hezekiah Hurn.

      Elizabeth Stewart married James Martin.

      Catherine Stewart married about Sept. 1802 James Hiatt. Her children:

        Anselm Hiatt

        Robert Stuart Hiatt

    By 2nd marriage:

      Miriam Stewart born Dec. 22, 1805 New Garden, NC, married Dec. 9, 1824 David Beard, died Sept. 21, 1869 in Indiana. Her children:

        Sarah Beard

        Amos Beard

        Jane Beard

      Amos Stewart born June 30, 1808 New Garden NC, married Aug. 10, 1830 Matilda Hadley, died Aug. 1, 1905 Chester Ind. His children:

        Harper F. Stewart

        Martha Jane Stewart

        Jehu Harlan Stewart born June 20, 1836 Guilford Co., NC

        Sarah Ann Stewart

        Mary E. Stewart

        Jonathan Hadley Stewart

        David White Stewart

        Robert Addison Stewart

        Eliza L. Stewart

        Elbridge Amos Stewart

        Francis Bacon Stewart

      Rachel Stewart born Nov. 27, 1810, married Oct. 29, 1835 James Farlow.

    Isaac Stewart born about 1746 in Whiteland Township, Chester Co., PA, married May 8, 1770 Orange Co., NC Susanna Thornburgh, died 1819 Clarke Co., GA. Disowned from Deep River monthly meeting for "outgoing in marriage: June 30, 1770. When to Wrightsboro Quaker settlement but returned to Newberry Co., SC during the war but returned to GA in 1781. Served in the GA and SC military. His children:

      Temple Stewart born about 1773, marriage bond Nov. 30, 1799 Frances Fitzpatrick. Moved to Wilkinson Co., Miss.

      (female) Stewart married James Head. Her children:

        Joseph Head

      (female) Stewart married Cornelius Atkinson

      Robert Stewart born about 1785, married July 7, 1807 in Clarke Co. Priscilla Greer.

      Nancy Stewart married Oct. 2, 1896 in Clarke Co. Robert Conner.

    Robert Stewart born about 1748 Chester Co., PA. (May be son of Alexander Stuart of Frederick Co.)

    * Elizabeth Stewart married Jesse Pugh, our ancestor. See Pugh/Peugh family, generation 3.

By 2nd marriage:

    Gravenor Stewart born about 1756 in Robeson, Berks Co., PA or Frederick Co., VA, married 1788 Jane Fields, died 1831 in Christian Co., KY. Condemned by Wightsboro for marrying out of meeting May 3, 1788. Moved to Christian Co., KY about 1800. His children:

      Robert Stewart moved to Lincoln Co., MO. Living in 1832,

      Temperance Stewart born Mar. 15, 1793, married July 28, 1810 Christian Co. Samuel Cannon, died Sept. 6, 1855. Moved to Lincoln Co., MO. Her children:

        Mary Cannon

        Bluford Cannon

        James Cannon

        Stuart Cannon

        Jane Cannon

        John Cannon

        Robert Cannon

        Elizabeth Cannon

        Samuel Perry Cannon

        Lydia Cannon

        William Coates Cannon

        Isaac Newton Cannon

        Jane Fields Cannon

      Lydia Stewart married James Lacey.

      Ann Stewart married 1st James Crabtree, 2nd Joseph Brown.

      Rebecca Stewart born Sept. 22, 1796, married Nov. 10, 1814 Thomas Brown.

      Mary Stewart marriage bond April 27, 1817 Andrew Brown.

      Ruth Stewart marriage bond July 21, 1826 John Hanna.

      Patience Stewart

      Jane Stewart

      Priscilla B. Stewart married 1832 William Hunter.

      Matilda Stewart

    Amos Stewart born April 28, 1759 in Orange Co., NC, married 1782 in Columbia Co., GA Martha (Patty) Few, died July 3, 1837 Taliaferro Co., GA. Revolutionary War soldier under Capt. Young from SC in Mar. 1776. Discharged after battle of Stone Ferry near Charleston in 1779. Served 3 months in GA against Tories and Indians soon after his marriage. His children:

      Olive Stewart married Solomon Harper, died by 1849.

      Owen Stewart born about 1783 Columbia Co., married Mary, GA, died 1848 Taliaferro Co., GA. His children:

        Amos Stewart Jr. married 1st Aug. 4, 1830 Edney Evans, 2nd July 20, 1831 Lucinda Ogletree..

        Judith Stewart

        Lawson Stewart married Oct. 20, 1831 Mary Evans.

      Tallitha Stewart married Archibald Gresham, died by 1849. Her children:

        Elihu Gresham

        Amos S. Gresham

      Maria Stewart married Stephen Ellington, died by 1849. Her children:

        Esau Ellington

      Elizabeth Stewart

      Rachel Stewart

    Hannah Stewart married 1761 Cane creek, Orange Co., NC a Brooks. Disowned Aug. 7, 1784 at Wrightsboro. Her children:

      Martha Brooks

Quaker Information

Since the Quaker faith and religious practices affect this family so much, I have decided to add a few words about the Society of Friends or as they are more commonly known Quakers. The Quakers were founded in 1647 by an English preacher, George Fox. They emphasized a direct relationship with God. An individual's conscience, not the Bible, was the ultimate moral authority. They had neither clergy or churches. Instead they had meeting houses where they meditated silently and only spoke when the spirit moved them. The Quaker beliefs spread throughout the British Isles and to Holland and Germany.

One of the converts was William Penn. His father was an admiral and was owed money by King Charles II. Because of their practices the Quakers were persecuted and Penn conceived the idea of a colony in the New World where they could live in peace. A few Quakers had already settled in America, but this was to be the first large migration. Penn approached the King with his idea and a charter was granted on Mar. 4, 1681 for a new colony. The King named it Pennsylvania. On Nov. 8, 1682, Penn arrived, and with the assembled Friends, founded the city of Philadelphia. Invitations were sent to the Welsh Quakers to settle in Pennsylvania, and a parcel of land was set off for them, the "Welsh Tract".

The Quaker religion was organized around the meeting. The basic unit was the Local Meeting which met in a plain room at a meeting house or home. Minor offenses were settled and overseers to report violations of the discipline to the monthly meeting were appointed.

The Monthly Meeting was where most of the church business was conducted. It was composed of all local meetings of a small geographical area. The monthly meeting regulated marriages, controlled funds, gave charity, supervised schools, disciplined or disowned anyone guilty of a moral offense, and sent reports to the quarterly meeting.

The Quarterly Meeting was attended by delegates from each monthly meeting in a geographical area. Any problems too important for a monthly meeting were referred to the quarterly meeting where they could be settled or placed on the agenda for the yearly meeting.

The Yearly Meetings were attended by delegations from the quarterly meetings. There were six yearly meetings in PA and NJ (called Philadelphia), NY, MD, VA, NC, and New England. Generally any decision reached was binding on all quarterly and monthly meeting in the jurisdiction. If a decision could not be reached the matter would be postponed until the next meeting and they might write a letter to London for advice. London was considered to be 1st among equals.

Quaker marriage customs. Quakers were required to marry within the Society. If they married outside they would be disowned. In order to marry, members had to publicly state their marriage intentions at two monthly meetings in a row, A committee would be appointed to investigate for any impediment. If one was found the couple would be privately advised. If there was no impediment the couple would be liberated to marry after the 2nd declaration. To conduct the marriage at least 12 Friends had to be present at either a public or private meeting. At least 12 witnesses signed the certificate. There was no minister. If a spouse died, the remaining spouse was suposed to wait a year before remarriage. I believe that Jehu Pugh's marriage was recorded somewhere in the Wrightsboro meeting records.

Quaker dates: Quakers did not use the standard names of the months. Instead they called them the 1st month, 2nd month, etc. Until the change over from the Julian to Gregorian calendar in 1753, the 1st month was March. In 1853 the 1st month became January.

Disownment occurred when a member acted in a manner contrary to discipline. The member would be visited by a committee appointed by the meeting, If the member failed to acknowledge fault after the visitation he was disowned and could not be reinstated until acknowledgment of the fault was made. Among the records of our family disownments were issued for "marrying out of unity" and for the involvement in armed conflicts such as the Regulator Rebellion and the Revolutionary War.

In response to the problems which caused the Regulator Rebellion, Quaker leaders in the Hillsboro area of NC decided that it might be wise to migrate. On Sept. 1, 1767 their representative appeared before the Governor and Coucil of GA to petition for land. A grant of 12,000 acres adjoining the Indian Line from Little River was made providing that ten families should come by Feb. 1, 1768. About 40 families made the initial trip to what is now mainly in McDuffie Co. Additional land was added to the Quaker reserve in 1768 and 1773. Following the defeat of the Regulators additional Quakers such as the Pughs arrived The principal town was Wrightsborough where the Monthly meeting was held.. William Bartram visited the area in late spring 1773 and wrote..."The inhabitants of this part of the Country having formerly been inured to industry & farming in the Northn Colonies, & finding this fruitefull Soil turn their hands to the sam sort of Agriculture. They Plant Wheat Barley, Flax Hemp, Oats, corn, Cotton, Indigo Breed Cattle Sheep & Make Very good Butter & Cheese". Remember that Jehu Pugh later made and sold cheese in Upson Co. During the Revolutionary War the Quaker settlements were subject to raids from pro-American but basically lawless groups who perceived the area to be pro British. Many, such as Jesse Pugh and his family, went to the safer Quaker settlements in NC and SC, returning after the war. After the war the area, which had been reserved by the British for the Quakers, was opened up for settlement by all. By the 1790's the Quakers were no longer in the majority in the area.

One other issue needs to be discussed about our Quaker ancestors. That is the issue of slavery. This became a very important issue among the Quakers in the early years of the 19th century after the invention of the cotton gin brought about a rapid expansion of slavery in the area. Quakers, who did not practice slavery, found that they could not economically compete with this labor..In 1802 a Quaker preacher, Zachariah Dicks, arrived at Wrightsborough and exhorted the Quakers to remove themselves from the midst of slavery and predicted an internecine war within the lives of the children then living (how prophetic!). This created a mild panic among the Quakers. What amounted to a split occurred between those who wished to keep slaves and those who did not. Thousands of Quakers from the southern states who opposed slavery moved north to Quaker settlements in Ohio and Indiana. Three of Jehu Pugh's brothers, the Kinmans, and some of the Stewarts went north with this exodus. The Quaker religion in the south began a decline from which it never recovered.

I believed that the Pugh's and their relatives may still have been following Quaker practices even after moved to Jasper and Upson Co. The "Historical Atlas of Religion in America" by Edwin Scott Gauslad indicates the present of a Quaker 'church" in Upson Co. in 1850. I have never found or seen any other reference to this church. I wonder if the lack of marriage records for Asa lies in the fact that he was married in the Quaker manner and therefore not officially recorded.

The Regulators

The Regulator movement in NC and the subsequent Battle of Alamanac were probably an important factor in causing the Pughs to move south to GA. I am therefore providing some background this topic.

The Regulators were a group of Orange County, NC residents who felt that their interests were not being served by the colonial government 135 miles away at New Bern. The local sheriffs were embezzling large amounts of the funds. Protests were lodged with the colonial government but fell on deaf ears. In 1768 the sheriff of Orange County announced that he would accept taxes for two days only at each of 5 places and anyone paying elsewhere or at another time would be assessed an additional two shillings and sixpence. Orange Co. covered a large area at that time and the farmers had to travel a great distance to pay. Additionally the people were cash poor and often had to borrow to pay their taxes. At this same time Gov. Tryon requested 15000 lbs. from the provincial legislature to build a residence. The protest against these actions grew into "The Regulation", a name borrowed from a SC movement. The Regulators considered themselves to be defenders against the lawlessness of predatory officeholders.

The Regulators never had one leader, although there were several who were prominent in the movement, among whom was Herman Husband, a Quaker who was married to Mary Pugh the daughter of Thomas Pugh. Discouraged because of their failure to secure their aims through peaceful means the Regulators began to take more radical measures. Violence, and lawlessness were the order of the day and they refused to pay fines, terrorized those who administered the law, and disrupted court proceedings. The wealthier colonists on the coast considered them to be a mob.

In March of 1771 the governor's council advised Gov. Tryon to call out the militia and march against the Regulators. With a force of less than 1000 men Gov. Tryon met the Regulators on the banks of Alamance Creek near present day Burlington on May 16, 1771. Although they had a force of about 2000, the Regulators had no leadership, efficient organization and arms to match the better organizes militia. Many fled the battle field leaving their braver comrades to fight on. Among those who remained was a gunsmith, James Pugh the son of Thomas Pugh. He fired at the militia from behind what is now called "Pugh's Rock" at the Alamance Battlefield site. The battle lasted two hours and each side lost nine men and a large number of Regulators were wounded.

About 15 prisoners were captured and six were executed. Among these was James Pugh. When executed he was placed on a barrel as was the custom, he was composed and calm and asked to be allowed to address the crowd for a half hour. He declared that he had long been prepared to meet his God, that he had no regrets for what he had done in the matter, and that his blood would be good seed sown on good ground which would soon produce a hundredfold. He then recapitulated the causes that had led to the conflict and asserted that the Regulators had taken no life prior to the battle, that they had aimed at nothing more than a redress of their grievances. That Tryon had brought an army to murder the people instead of taking sides against dishonest officers, corrupt clerks and tax gathers. He mentioned Edmund Fanning, the clerk of the Hillsborough Recorder's Court, by name. At that time, his half hour having expired, Fanning suddenly knocked the barrel out from under him and he was hung in the presence of Gov. Tryon on June 19, 1771. Another Regulator executed on the battlefield was James Few whose brother William Few signed the U.S. Constitution for GA. Herman Husband escaped to PA where he was a leader of the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 after the Revolution. Some consider that the Regulator movement was a prelude to the Revolutionary War.

Names found among paper's relating to the Regulator's include not only James Pugh and Herman Husband, but also Thomas, Jesse, Enoch and John Pugh. A William Kinman is also found in these papers.

Even though those involved in the movement were offered pardons if they pledged an oath of allegiance to the royal government, many of those involved moved on as Jesse Pugh did.

Various members of the Pugh family were disowned by the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting probably for being involved with the Regulators. Jesse on June 1, 1771, Thomas on Sept. 7, 1771 and on Sept. 7, 1771 Thomas Pugh was disowned specifically for joining a company of armed men.

On Aug. 31, 1771 John Pugh was charged as an outlaw for breaking up court at Hillsborough on Sept. 1770. A deposition from Elizabeth Jones said that she had seen him 40 miles away on Sept. 23, 1770 Elizabeth Pugh, Peninah Pugh and Ann Jones swore that they had also seen him about 40 miles from Hillsborough on Sept. 24-25, 1770. Another petition from inhabitants of Guilford Co. stated they were acquainted with John Pugh for 9-10 years, he was sober, honest, and industrious, and that knowing himself innocent of the crime of rebellion fled to distant parts for his safety leaving a wife and one small child in utmost extremity. They asked for a pardon for John Pugh. I do not know the outcome of this case.